soundsofsoul.comIf you are going to conduct a family reunion then you must send letters to all the members of your family to let them know about the reunion plans. For those who are planning a reunion for the first time, and for those who do not know how to write family reunion letters, it would be helpful if they had a sample family reunion letter to refer to.

The first letter should contain the information about the family reunion and a short survey. You can ask for the opinion of each person about which date, and location would be good for them. The majority of people will be able to let you know what times and dates are good for the family reunion.

If you want to see sample family reunion letters, then you may ask your friends who have had experience in conducting a family reunion already. They will help you with family planning ideas and could even offer you a sample family reunion letter. Create an outline of the family functions and know what tasks and arrangements that have to get done and do them.


There are sample family reunion letters online that may be helpful to you. Go to a search engine and type in "sample family reunion letters" and you will get lots of them online. There may be formatted templates that you can use. Pick a festive family graphic, logo or crest as well as a slogan for the header of your invitation.  The body of your invitation should have the date, time and location of the event. Add a map that shows the event location for those not familiar with the area.

Keep a copy of the invitation and use it as a basis for the following event next year.


soundsofsoul.comThe family reunion planner helps you to plan your family reunion in the easiest possible manner. There are lots of things involved in family reunion and doing these things single handed is not enough. You have to form a committee of people who are interested to take care of each one of the things such as food, drinks, location, arrangements, mailings, record keeping, etc. The first time family reunion planner would not know what the things are that you have to keep in mind when you make all your arrangements.

If you are planning for the family reunion for the first time, you have to ask for suggestions from the elderly persons who have already conducted such events. Though you take everything into consideration you may forget some practical issues. For example, though you make all arrangements you might forget to make arrangements for receiving the family members who are coming from distant places from airport terminal. To take care of such minute things, you need the help of family reunion planner.

The family reunion planner is available in e-book format. There are so many of them available online. Some of them are free and to download some you have to pay a little amount of money. But the family reunion planner has great value for the money you have paid. This will lead you through every phase of reunion planning. You can find lots of tips, advices and checklists in family reunion planner. You also would have plenty of spaces to write your proceedings and jot down important points.

The family reunion planner contains multi-year calendar and so you can use it for any number of years. You also have space to write down your final decisions. The family reunion planner helps you to avoid last minute troubles and helps you to stay organized. You can find the questions that you should ask your family and ideas for family reunion themes. The to-do list with check boxes is included so that you can tick the one when it is completed.

You can find lots of motivational quotes in family reunion planner and numerous activity ideas. This also gives you an elaborate account of expenses that you have to incur during your family reunion so that you can calculate the budget easily. You can also find food and drink suggestions, activity suggestion and timeline suggestion in family reunion planner. It will guide you like a friend to have great family reunion.